Tuesday, October 4, 2011


What a travesty!? This is a sham I tell you, a sham. If there was ever a more wanton display of consumer abuse and power in new era capitalism, I'd be shocked....Sooo, who else is pre-ordering the iPhone 4S with me on Fri. Oct. 7th?

Okay, granted after all this time, all the rumors, all the hoopla and crap you were anticipating an iPhone 5 with the secret decoder ring and Klingon phaser app but you have to admit Siri sounds sexy (don't judge me.) Truthfully, I waited it out to the end in case Tim Cook and Co. were going to pull an "oh, by the way" and unveil the 5 towards the end. But alas, the 5 is still merely a number invented by the number people centuries ago. Millions of the 4S will be sold worldwide as Apple's kung fu grip on the market gets more, umm, er, grippy. Good news folks, the 3S and 4 will still be around and at a bargain basement price. Just don't think you'll be loading either up with tons of apps, pics, vids and music. My suggestion, get your all time favorite video (1), a picture of the 2 closest people to you, your top 10 songs of the decade and a pencil and paper for your contacts because 8 gigs is really 2 gigs in a shiny box.

Well, it was a somewhat eventful and wasted hour of my life. Hey, come on now, wipe the schmuck look off your face and cheer up. With this announcement confirming no iPhone 5 this year that means we have a whole 12 months to gear up to go through the same mind numbing fiasco again in 2012. See you there.

*Peace sign*

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