Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'm in love with my BB (not Bottom Bitch). Part of my life is much easier since my first BB. First off, I'm not big on exchanging verbiage over the phone unless I know its going to be a positive talk or a woman I am interested in beyond sex. Yes I'll make a call when necessary or answer when I'm called but most likely its to get the full value of the money I pay monthly for the service. All in all I do everything with my BB except fondle it. Email, txt, video, voice recording, internet, qwerty, memory card and all the apps I can fit, what's not to love.

90% of the articles and blogs I've written have been on my BB. I'm not saying it replaces a laptop completely but it does make for a great sub. I can get up with the Twits, go all facebook on somebody and when feeling trapped get Myspace. Of course other phones can do that but I'm working in the land of bias for a hot second - yes, I'm talking to you, you iPhoner - and this is what I like.

This is not a knock on anyone who doesn't have a BB or some other PDA style phone because and the end of the day to each his own. Just wanted to share...and kill a few minutes while I sit on this train wondering where can I go for a quick getaway that'll charge me like Marcus Burnett but treat me like Mike Lowery.

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