Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Julius Black Chronicles....

Growing up in rural Alabama, there were only two things for young boys to do. Play football or get into trouble. Some of them were creative enough to do both. Then there was Julius. He managed to do neither. Julius was very reserved in his youth contending that despite the occasional bullying, he wasn't noticed anyway. Hard to believe when considering that at only 16 he was already 5'11 and 178lbs. He wasn't considered handsome because his hair was usually in unkempt braids. And he hated haircuts. Really he hated having to run into some of the other guys from school that teased him. He was awkward in his demeanor and slouched at every opportunity. He wasn't really into fashion or being trendy although his clothes, which remained unannounced by the absence of large obscene, brand labels, cost more than what some of the other kids were wearing thanks in whole to his financially secure parents. His self-made dad, whom Julius later came to regard as a man of both immense stature and influence in his life, was a senior partner with his corporate firm and his mom, already from a wealthy family and self-professed fashionista, made her own discreet fortune in real estate. Julius' parents were able to afford the best for their son but decided to allow him to experience life his own way. The one thing they wouldn't budge on was his repeated requests to go to private school. He argued that the kids there were less likely to ridicule him to his face and he can do his 'time' in relative solitude. His parents' rebuttal was that they wanted him to break out of his shell, and that he needed to be challenged in order to challenge himself to grow

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